About Layyah

District Layyah is located in the southern Punjab and is a part of Dera Ghazi Khan Division. Layyah City is the district headquarter of this district. The town was founded around 1550 by Kamal Khan, a Mirani Baloch and a descendant of Ghazi Khan who laid foundation of Dera Ghazi Khan. In 1901, Layyah was transferred to the new District of Mianwali. Later on, it was made part of the Muzzaffargarh District. In 1982, Layyah Tehsil was upgraded to District Headquarters comprising three Tehsils: Layyah, Karor Lal Esan and Choubara.

The area consists of a semi-rectangular block of sandy land between the Indus River and the Chenab River in Sindh Sagar Doab. Layyah is situated at an average elevation of 143m above sea level. The total area covered by the district is 6,291 km2 with a width from east to west of 88 km and a length from north to south of 72 km. It has 36 union council, postal code 31200 and landline calling code 0606. Summer temperature rises upto 48ºC and In winter it goes around 4ºC.

Important Crops of Layyah include Wheat, Sugar Cane, Chick Pea, Cirtus, Sessam seed, with specialty in water melon. Layyah has one mega industrial Unit as Layyah Sugar Mill (pvt) and dozens of medium factory mainly cotton, rice, flour mills. Layyah has specialty in the Punjab for its best quality of drinking sweet water and lowest crime rate. University of Layyah is only public Sector University in the Layyah district. Layyah is among the leading cities in education across the Punjab and in milk production area as there is one of the state of the art model dairy farm named Rizvi Dairy Farm (pvt). Layyah has also good road infrastructure and good food outlets in the city with guest houses and restaurants. Layyah has railway track and can be approached from Rawalpinid, Mianwali upto Multan. By road, Layyah has best transport service rendered by Baloch Transport Company, Adil Shah Company, Maher Basher Movers, Rana Jahanzeb company etc and can be accessed from Rawalpindi, Lahore, Faisalabad, Multan, Bahawalpur, D.G.Khan and Karachi with ease.


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