▪ Faculty of Veterinary Sciences

▪ Introduction:

Keeping in view the significance of livestock and poultry as largest contributors in agriculture sector of Pakistan GDP, Veterinary institute is vital component of any degree awarding institute. To strengthen the agro-livestock based economy of Layyah district, College of Veterinary Sciences was established in 2009 as first Veterinary College in D.G. Khan Division. Layyah is rich land for large and small ruminants and it has maintained its distinction among the top milk producing districts in the Punjab. This college is aimed to provide trained human resource to the growing livestock and poultry industry which is a source of providing milk, meat and eggs to the increasing population of the country. To announce the admission in Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) 05 years degree program, arrangements regarding minimum requirement for zero visit accreditation by Pakistan Veterinary Medical Council (PVMC) are being fulfilled. Admission in DVM degree program will be announced till the Accreditation by the PVMC; meanwhile college is offering diploma courses.

Faculty of Veterinary Sciences has state of the art infrastructure available comprising capacious lecture rooms, well equipped laboratories, seminar hall, library, experimental livestock and poultry farms for student’s hands on training.

● Mission.

To produce skilled and qualified veterinarian and supporting staff to meet the emerging demands of fast growing livestock and poultry industry.

● Objectives

o To produce qualified skilled human resource for mitigating the challenges in livestock sector

o To develop collaboration with national and international renowned institutes to address the health and management issues in livestock especially the camel and poultry

o To develop a regional state of the art veterinary institute to provide quality diagnostic and extension service to the poor farmers

● Departments/Sections:

Sr.No. Department (Section) Degree Offered

1. Bio Sciences (Anatomy and Histology, Physiology and Pharmacology) BS Zoology

2. Pathobiology (Pathology, Microbiology, Parasitology) BS Microbiology

3. Livestock and Poultry Sciences (Poultry Production, Animal Nutrition, Livestock Management, Animal Breeding and Genetics) BS Poultry Sciences

4. Clinical Sciences (Medicine, Surgery, Theriogenology) Live Stock Assistant Diploma (LAD) 02 Years Duration

Program Offered

Live Stock Assistant Diploma

LAD is 2-Year Annual Degree Program, which started from 2014 in CVS, Main Campus, University of Layyah 


Dr. Muhammd Ali Mohsin

Assistant Professor (Visiting)

DVM, M.Phil, Ph.D (Clinical Veterinary Medicine) (China)

Expertise/Research Interest: Prevention and Treatments of Metabolic Disorders in dairy cows. The genetic improvement of health and animal welfare in domestic animals. Molecular Epidemiology of bacterial diseases of livestock.

Email: mohsinly@hotmail.com

Dr. Muhammad Asif

Lecturer (Visiting)

DVM, M.Phil (Surgery) (UVAS)

Expertise/Research Interest: Soft Tissue surgery, orthopedic surgery, General surgical procedures.


Dr. Asif Ali

Lecturer (Visiting)

DVM, M.Phil (Theriogenology) (UAF)

Expertise/Research Interest:, Reproductive Biotechnology & Semen Analysis. asifaliwander@gmail.com

Dr. Waseem Hassan

Lecturer (Visiting)

DVM, MPhil (Medicine) (UAF)

Expertise/Research Interest: Clinical Medicine, Advancement in Veterinary Practices.


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