The Horticulture major at BZU Bahadur Sub Campus, Layyah started in 2016. In 2022, the campus got upgraded and became the University of Layyah. The Higher Education Commission (HEC) University Accreditation Committee approved the agriculture undergraduate degree program with Horticulture as a major in 2023. This means that the program met the HEC's standards and requirements, so students can now pursue a recognized degree in Agriculture, specializing in Horticulture. We offer undergraduate and graduate education, providing opportunities for students to engage in research. Our horticulture faculty actively contribute to a diverse range of plant science research projects that aim to enhance productivity, sustainability, and innovation. The Department of Horticulture at the College of Agriculture, University of Layyah is proud to be recognized as one of the leading programs in the nation, delivering impactful outcomes in the field of plant science.

Contact Information:

Email: chairperson.horticulture@ul.edu.pk

Staff Position

Dr. Umbreen Shahzad (Associate Professor/ Chairman Department of Horticulture)

Dr. Tahira Abbas ( Associate Professor)

Dr. Waqas Ahmad (Assistant Professor (Visiting))

Dr. Usman Tariq (Assistant Professor (Visiting))

Dr. Ammar Raza (Assistant Professor (Visiting))

Ms. Sundas Rasheed (Lecturers (Visiting))

HEC Approved Supervisors

Dr. Umbreen Shahzad

Dr. Tahira Abbas

Degree Offered

B.Sc (Hons) Agriculture with Specialization in Horticulture

M.Sc (Hons) Horticulture (NOC Waiting)

Development Activities

  • International Webinar (Hybrid Mode) “Opportunities of Collaboration for Research on Chitosan as Bio-control Agent for Horticultural Crops in Türkiye & Pakistan” (January, 24, 2024)
  • Annual Spring Flower Show, on 7th March, 2023
  • Department also providing training and consultancy services to farmers.


Ongoing Research Projects

  • Vegetable and microgreen biofortification to alleviate hidden hunger, Funded by HEC, Islamabad (5.4 Millions)

Research Projects Completed

  • Evaluation of mineral nutrients (Silicon and Selenium) and PGR interaction in improving vegetable growth and yield, (0.15 million) Directorate of Research and External Linkages BZU. 2021.
  • Evaluation of herbal extract impact on post harvest of vegetables, (0.15 million), Directorate of Research and External Linkages BZU. 2019
  • Genetic Diversity Analysis and conservation of Moringa species present in Pakistan. NRPU- HEC. 2.46 Million. 2018
  • Effect of preharvest foliar application of salicylic acid, Calcium and Zinc on yield component, biochemical properties and postharvest life of Strawberry, BZU, Multan, 11.10. 2017-18. 0.136Million
  • Selection/ Development of citrus rootstock resistant against abiotic stresses (salinity and drought, ( CS-038) ,11.12.2017. ALP, PARC. 2.962 Million
  • Assessment of pre-harvest silicon treatments on post-harvest quality of vegetables, (0.15 million) Directorate of Research and External Linkages BZU. 2017
  • Exogenous application of ascorbic acid and silicon on peas under copper stress, (0.15 million), Directorate of Research and External Linkages BZU. 2017.
  • Evaluation of fenugreek performance through exogenous application of selenium under salt stress (0.15 million) Directorate of Research and External Linkages BZU 2016
  • Effect of Auxins on rooting of grapes cutting and establishment of germplasm repository of commercial cultivars of grapes (Vitis vinefera) in Layyah” Directorate of Research and External linkages , BZU Multan 28-11-2016. 0.15 Million Rupees.
  • “Optimizing the plant spacing and media additives for High yield of Strawberry in Layyah” Directorate of Research and External linkages, BZU Multan.2016.0.15 Million
  • “Optimizing in vitro propagation of Commercial Cultivars of Vitis Vinefera (grapes for production of disease free plants” Higher Education Commission of Pakistan. 0.5 million. 24.03.2016
  • “Capacitation of small Farmers to grow and commercialize healthy germplasm of citrus” Directorate of Research and External linkages, BZU Multan.2015

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