Dr Azhar Abbas Khan

Associate Professor

Director QEC.


Quality Enhancement cell has been established for assurance of quality in teaching as well as other academic activities to meet the global challenges of education. The main focus of the QEC is implementation of the policies of the HEC for quality assurance and the monitoring of degree programs offered by the University of Layyah to promote skilled based learning. The system is involved in maintaining and identifying the outcomes of educational programs being offered by the university and also involved in designing, implementing and reviewing system tools such as processes and developing appropriate data with the means of collecting and gathering information.


Action plans

The following activities reflected the action plans of QEC:

  • QEC ensures various departments of the university in the completion of self-assessment reports and implementation of the self-assessment process.
  • Every semester QEC conducts online teacher and course quality surveys by students
  • QEC assists faculty members to apply for HEC travel grants by checking for plagiarism of submitted papers.
  • To scrutinize the current scenario of provision at the department level by organizing meetings with the assessment team.
  • To ensure that the academic activities of staff, teachers, students, research, and development are according to per instructions of HEC.

To organize a training session on a per basis for the program and assessment team to increase awareness about new assessment policies.

  • To confirm whether the university follows the rules of HEC in hiring staff faculty, and admission grants in Masters/Bs/M. Phil as per instructed.
  • Also ensures the university provides the best plagiarism-checking services by using appropriate software.
  • Also monitors the institutional efficiency and performance evaluation standards for the betterment of higher education institutions according to policies of HEC.
  • QEC also coordinates with the departments for improvement of quality assessment by conducting seminars and workshops.


QEC is responsible for the development of the following procedures to improve the quality of the course provided, and teaching methods for students to sustain in an advanced world of research and development

  • Students feedback survey
  • Employ feedback
  • Annual monitoring and evaluation including program and faculty monitoring and students’ perception
  • Approval of new programs
  • QEC is responsible for program development and assessment of the quality of programs and specifies a program to ensure key levels of knowledge, understanding skills, and other attributes student gain after successfully completing a specific program.
  • QEC is responsible for the peer review of academic affiliations with other institutions in terms of effective management of quality and standards of academic programs


Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC)



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