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Vision & Mission

  • Our Vision – intention

To assimilate our ancestry into the mainstream of learning, discovery, sustainability, and striking recognition in this challenging world.

  • Our Purpose – motivation

UL appears as a powerful and distinctive university that addresses emerging global socio-economic, political, environmental and other challenges. We aspire to work as a team to explore our past and address our future beyond traditional boundaries in the transformative way.

  • Our Mission – motivation

We are invigorating our people through the distinctive contribution in education, art, culture & heritage, business, economics, pharmacy, technology, engineering and world’s leading research by providing quality education, trainings, lateral thinking, collegiate environment and equitable future opportunities through making a difference by increasing the sustainable impact of our research and training on this thriving planet.

Core Values

  • Honesty – being truthful & transparent
  • Adaptation – embrace new ideas
  • Creativity – be expressive & innovative
  • Hardwork – by creating habits of responsibility & perseverance
  • Determination – bear down
  • Exploration – being curious
  • Integrity – be ethical (moral, social & behavioral values)
  • Inclusion – harness the power of diversity
  • Transparency – being free from prejudice
  • Revamping – reconstruct personalities