Department of Entomology as an integral part of Bahadur Sub Campus landscape established in 2014 as an example of excellence in the study of insects and their positive effect on agriculture, ecosystem and human health. 1n 2022, the campus got upgraded and became the university of Layyah. The Higher Education Commission (HEC) University Accreditation Committee, granted permission in 2023 for the undergraduate degree program in Agriculture with Entomology as a major subject. This signifies that the program met the necessary standards and requirements set by the HEC, allowing students to pursue a recognized degree in Agriculture with a specialization in Entomology. It offers Undergraduate program in Entomology covering diverse areas such as insect biology, ecology, behaviour, pollinators biology and more. Our rigorous academic programs immerse students in the fascinating world of insects, examining their biology, behavior, and ecological significance. Furthermore, our department is committed to promoting interdisciplinary collaboration and developing partnerships with stakeholders in agriculture, public health, environmental conservation, and other fields. Through these collaborations, we hope to address pressing entomological challenges and contribute to long-term solutions for the benefit of society.

Our mission

To provide students with the knowledge, skills, and values necessary to become successful Entomologist and to contribute to the sustainable production and management of crops and landscapes.

Our vision

To be a leading provider of high-quality education and research in entomology, preparing students for successful careers in the industry and for making significant contributions to the sustainable production and management of crops and landscapes by using Integrated Pest management.

Degree offered

B.Sc. (Hons.) in Agriculture with specialization in Entomology

After completion of the B.Sc. (Hons.) Entomology program, students be able to:

  • Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of plant science principles and their application in Insect control.
  • Apply practical skills in pest scouting, monitoring and control of insect to increase crop production.
  • Conduct research projects, collect and analyze data, and communicate findings effectively using appropriate scientific methods.
  • Exhibit entrepreneurial and business management skills, demonstrating the ability to identify, develop, and manage entomological enterprises.
  • Demonstrate ethical behavior, professionalism, and a commitment to promoting sustainable entomological practices.

Laboratory facilities

Currently, department is equipped with functional laboratory titled “Insect Pest Management” and insect growth chamber that are equipped with modern facilities and instruments. Through these infrastructures, student delve into the principles and practices of IPM through a combination of instructional and hands on experiences.

Curricular and Co-Curricular activities

  • International Webinar (Hybrid mode), Opportunities of Collaboration for Research on Bio-Control Agents to Combat Crop Pests in Türkiye & Pakistan (3 January, 2024)
  • Principal Organizer of International “2nd Global Science Technology & Management Conference” held on 6-7 May in collaboration with Evolution Pakistan.
  • Department also organized student teachers meeting to develop interaction between students and teachers.
  • Also organized study tours to different farmers field to enhance their field expertise.
  • Also arranged farmers meeting to solve different problems related to their field.


Dr. Azhar Abbas Khan

Associate Professor Department of Entomology, Main Campus University of Layyah, Layyah (31200) Pakistan

Email: azharkhan@ul.edu.pk

Cell no: 0092 333 6845554

Qualification: PhD (Entomology) University of Sargodha (Punjab), Pakistan. (IRSIP at University of Florida, USA)

Research & Interest: His research is aimed at investigating and developing tools for implementing knowledge based Integrated Pest Management modules useful for conservation of natural resources, improved environmental quality and sustainable crop protection strategies. Subject areas include biology, ecology, behavior and management of the insect pests and their natural enemies.


Dr Fiaz Hussain

Assistant Professor (Visiting)

PhD (Entomology) from University of Agriculture, Faisalabad



His research is aimed at Insect functional genomics, IRM (insects resistance management) Also I am IRSIP Scholar for Biodiversity and Biocontrol of insect at University of Arizona, USA.

Dr. Mubasher Ahmad Malik

Assistant Professor (Visiting)

PhD (Entomology) from University of Agriculture, Faisalabad


Cell no: 0092-3040961815

His research is aimed at Plant insect interaction/Microbial control of insect pest. Former Research fellow in Pak-Norway Funded Project

Hassan Taha

Lecturer (Visiting)



0092-336 4202618

Biocontrol Entomopathogenic fungus

M. Noor ul Hasan

Lecturer (Visiting)




Biodiversity and biological control

Syeda Aneeza Ubaid

Lecturer (Visiting)




Taxonomic study and Genitali a characterization of family Noctuidae from. District Multan  

Sana Rubab

Lecturer (Visiting)




Ecology and behavior  

Fazeela Saleem

Lecturer (Visiting)

M.Phil. from University of Agriculture, Faisalabad



Research interests belong to Acarology, Biological control, Integrated Pest Management, Applied Entomology, Plant Protection, insect Behaviour and Insect pest Ecology.

Saira Batool

Lecturer (Visiting)

M.Phil. from University of Agriculture, Faisalabad


92 341 2942743

Ecology of Insects and Their Biological Control Investigations of Predator-prey and Paiasitoid-host Interactions Biological Control of Insect-pests in Honey Bee Colonies

Maryam Sayedah

Lecturer (Visiting)

M.Phil. from University of Agriculture, Faisalabad


92 304 5772493

In vitro and vivo trails of selected formulations of BT against Aedes Agypti Mosquito


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