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               Welcome to the portal of Central Library University of Layyah. Our aim is to provide the best information and reference services for the users in line with ever changing trends in information and communication technology and the current needs of the university throughout the globe.

The library supports the academic programs of the university through its services, which enable the students and the faculty to access, update their knowledge and information. This support empowers our users to develop the information and technological competencies necessary to achieve their educational, research and professional goals. This enables them to succeed in the workforce and applies lifelong learning skills.

In the library of the University, you will find wonderful spaces where you can access a wide range of digital resources to support your teaching, learning, and research activities at your best level. We are honored to work with all staff of the University of Layyah, library team and our community of learners. We look forward for your visit to the library and welcome your questions, comments, and suggestions.


Our Library prides itself on premium user-oriented services. Library has diverse collections, provides state of the art reading facilities to provide better access toward information offers educational programs and serves as primary academic support to the Institute. To maintain the sanctity of the library, patrons are expected to abide by the pre-set rules to help the library staff in creating an environment that is conducive to learning.

Library Conduct and General Rules

These rules and policies have been designed to ensure a favorable learning environment and to provide equal opportunities for learning to our institutional community. Students are required to comply with the rules below to avoid any disciplinary action or penalties:

  • The library is a quiet study place and students are advised to ensure the quietude of the space.
  • Cell phones must be set on silent mode before entering the library and no call should be received / placed within the library premises.
  • Library items must be treated with utmost care. No library item must be marked, underlined, mutilated, torn or damaged.
  • No change to the pre-set order of library furniture or other fixtures is permitted.
  • Food/beverages as food/drinks (except water) are prohibited inside the library.
  • The reading materials taken from bookshelves of the library should be left on nearby tables/carts, whereas items taken from the library circulation counter should be returned back to the counter.
  • Library staff reserves the right to inspect any material being taken in/from the library premises.
  • Library privileges including membership may be denied to the patrons who violate/breach library rules and protocols or are otherwise guilty of misconduct.
  • The library is not responsible for any loss or damages to your personal belongings.

General/ Disciplinary Regulations

Borrower may draw and return books as per decided category.

  • Delay fine for overdue books will be charged according to the University Library Rules
  • No book shall be issued to a student/ member unless he/she presents his/her borrower's Card in person.
  • Three-time deduction shall be computed against loss of book(s) conforming to current market price of the respective book(s)
  • In the event of returning of library book(s) kindly make it sure (in your presence) that the same has/have visibly been discarded by the counter Assistant.
  • Renewal of books is permitted.
  • Kindly sign your full signature separately against each lending book in order to rationalize your A/C
  • Borrower will be held responsible for any damage incurred on book while in his/her possession.
  • Library borrower card is not transferable
  • Members shall observe silence in the reading halls
  • Don't use cell phone in the Library. Switch your Cell Phones to Silent mode when entered in the library.
  • Members shall not engage in conversation in any part of the library so as to cause annoyance to any other reader.
  • Cleanliness must be observed in all sections of the library.
  • Members shall not smoke, or spit in any part of the library
  • Any type of Food stuff is prohibited in the library premises.
  • Members shall not write upon, damage or mark any book belonging to the library
  • Members are responsible for any damage caused by them to the books or any other property belonging to the library and shall be required to pay the penalty imposed upon them by the Librarian.
  • All members will also be required to submit for inspection of any book or any object, which they are carrying while leaving the Library.
  • All Members shall deposit their personal belongings such as books, handbags or brief case overcoat etc. at the reception counter or pigeon holes of the Library.
  • Members leaving the library should stop at the exit so that the material borrowed or taken out of the library by them may be checked
  • Upon any infringement of the library rules members shall forfeit the privileges of admission and membership of the library
  • The Librarian reserves the right to suspend the membership of any member found misbehaving, abusing the library staff or behaving in an indecent manner
  • All members entering the Library shall be required to produce their identity/borrowers card whenever required by the library staff.
  • The members caught tearing pages/stealing of books will be suspended forthwith from using the library facilities and further disciplinary action will be initiated against them by the University.
  • Bags may be brought into the Libraries provided they are presented for inspection by library staff, on request, when leaving the Libraries.
  • Persons present in the Libraries at any time must identify themselves to the University Librarian, or in his absence, the next most senior officer on duty in the Libraries, when requested to do so.
  • No broadsheets, handbills, newspapers or other material (other than official notices of the Libraries or University) may be distributed or displayed within the Libraries except with the approval of the University Librarian.
  • So long as any fine imposed under these Rules remains unpaid, or so long as any person keeps an item to which that person is not entitled, the right of the defaulter to use the Libraries is suspended.

Borrower’s rules

All Students University of Layyah (Currently) enrolled in various undergraduate, graduates, and postgraduate programs have the right to access library services, facilities, and resources. Borrowing privileges may vary depending on the type of borrower and the nature of the library material being borrowed.

Any library material borrowed is subject to recall. Therefore, the loan period should not be considered as a legitimate right to retain the material till the due date.

  1. Books tagged as general stocks may be reissued [depending on the patron category and subsequent privileges], unless there is no request for hold or recall.
  2. Reference and reserved materials, journals, magazines, and newspapers can only be used within the library premises and cannot be borrowed.
  3. Students who do not return books on time will automatically lose the privilege of borrowing any more books from the library until all the borrowed items are returned or settled.
  4. Borrowing privileges may also be suspended for the students who have violated library rules.

The following categories of persons shall be eligible to become members of the Library.

They shall have the privilege to draw books from the Library to the extent and for the period shown against each, subject to the conditions and restrictions laid down here in.


Membership Rules

  • Two passport size photographs, complete Name, Class, Session and Roll No are required to become a member of Library.
  • Members are required to use their membership card while accessing the library.
  • Library Membership is mandatory for the entire student; otherwise no student is allowed to use the library.
  • The library card is personalized and can be used only by the owner.
  • Lost cards may be replaced for Rs. 40/-. Immediately report loss of card to the library staff at the membership desk, to avoid any misuse.
  • Students and university staff desirous of using the library must get registered by applying for library membership on prescribed form obtainable from the library free of charge.
  • Members are asked to take great care of their membership card as they will be held responsible for any materials borrowed on their card.
  • The University library does not extend its loan privileges to the Person who comes under the category of “Outsider”. However He/ She can use the library resources for reference purpose after formal permission from the Librarian or competent Authority.

Library Fine

Books or materials borrowed from the library must be returned on or before the due date and time, otherwise the following charges may apply:

  1. PKR.5 will be charged per day for each overdue item borrowed from General stocks.
  2. Course reserves (borrowed for 3 hours), accumulate Rs.50 per hour as late return charges.
  3. Reference and temporarily material borrowed for overnight would be charged PKR.50 per hour, maximum to Rs. 3,000 or the replacement cost of the item, whichever is higher.
  4. Replacement cost for the lost or damaged materials would be calculated as per the 'purchase cost' of an item by adding 35% of purchase cost as processing fee.
  5. Another original copy of the lost/damaged book/item may be accepted, provided it carries the same ISBN. 50% of the purchase cost would be charged as processing fee.
  6. Overdue fine will continue to accumulate on a daily basis on outstanding items until it is renewed, returned, or declared as lost either by the borrower or by the library.
  7. Any item being taken out of the library without being borrowed will be classified as 'item theft', and the violator will be charged Rs. 3000 (irreversible) as penalty.
  8. Students found violating or breaching library rules will be charged a disciplinary fine, as per the University of Layyah Code of Conduct. The violation cases will also be sent to the "Student Conduct and University of Layyah Standards Committee".

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